It clear to us that the current world is dominated by video. YouTube has become the second largest search engine next to Google. As a VLogger or a video artist, you must be in front of technology, and embrace the upcoming technological changes.


Mobile apps are such an innovation. There was a time mobile apps were restricted to large corporate organizations, where BlackBerry was their primary mobile device. Along with the growth of smartphones, this barrier has been broken.


This means anyone with a reasonable budget can get an iPhone or an Android app built, and grow their userbase. If iPhone app development sounds like rocket-science, it shouldn’t be. Whether you do an app by yourself, or hire an external iPhone app development agency, you can get your own app built in a very short period.


Here are some iPhone app ideas for VLoggers

App to distribute video
You can get an app built to reach your fans. The app build a loyal following based on your current fan-base. This kind of an app will help you to get your videos to your fans as soon as they’re released, regardless of wherever they are.


App to record and upload

You can build an app to record and upload your videos. There are apps out there who does only a part of this. But it will be much better to a regular vlogger to do this on their own.


App to get customer feedback/survays

A great way to get some ideas of what customers want is by just asking them. You can use an app get gather customer feedback and to poll them to see what they like. Sometimes you’ll be surprised with the innovative ideas that your fans might have.


A mobile game

If your audience is young and very tech savvy, you can build a game around your fan-base. It could be a social game around a theme in your life. You can build community chat rooms to further increase engagement for your brand.


A combination of all of the above

You don’t have to be restricted to one of the above features. You can build a comprehensive app with all of the above features. However be mindful that it will require a large budget.


In final thoughts.

It is essential that all VLoggers consider a mobile strategy for their future. If you need some guidance, contact an app developers company to get an idea about the total costs involved.