The term ‘vlogger’ melds together from two words – ‘video’ and ‘blogger’. The definition of a vlogger is anybody who regularly posts embedded videos onto their blog, either in place or in addition to, their other content. Many of these vloggers post videos featuring themselves or that were recorded independently. Others may post videos aimed at a specific genre like science, sports, or humour.

A vlogger will use current events, creative stories, or current news, as the basis for creating short and entertaining online movies. Some vloggers use this platform just for their hobby, but the ones who are dedicated to it and use it in a more entrepreneurial spirit, can turn it into a very lucrative career.

Job Description

Vlogging is not new. It’s been around since back in the early 2000s. It’s viral nature is part of what makes it so easy to share and so appealing to its audience. It also makes it very easy to track. The costs of producing these videos can be scaled to fit in with all sorts of projects. Companies, organizations, and individuals have been incorporating vlogging into their outreach strategies since the Internet and communication forms too off. As a result, there are plenty of vlogging jobs in sri lanka, for different industries like beauty, technology, finance, architecture etc. A vlogger can select their own specialty, like news, politics, comedy, and work for a company doing video logging for the industry that it is in.

Additional Duties

The majority of vloggers are contractors or freelancers, which mean that part of their job involved finding clients. Once they get clients, they’re responsible for creating the video content that the clients require. To do this means gathering information and researching about whatever organization or company they are going to present in their videos, and do it in a way that is unique.

There are also vloggers who already have their own website with a built up fan base, and they are ‘self-employed’. They have the freedom to create whatever content they feel is best for their own brand.

Many professional vloggers get their start by writing scripts. They either write individually or as part of a team. After a script is written, the vloggers set up their computer equipment, lighting, and anything else necessary for them to produce videos. Unless they happen to be streaming ‘live’ there is a long editing process that happens that can involve some reshoots.
Education Requirements

The degree programs available today haven’t yet added a lot of focus on vlogging. However, there is still formal schooling available for computers, film and technology, that can be very beneficial to anyone who want to start their own vlogging career. There may be some place that offers video blogging classes to their curriculum as an elective. As an individual, if you were interested in starting a career in vlogging, you could also try to locate some independent non-credit classes that teach video blogging at a privately owned school or a technical school.